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In Japanese culture, the torii is a gateway found at the entrance of Shinto shrines. It marks the border between the material and spiritual world. It divides two universes - but it also connects them.


The act of writing is like a torii: a portal between worlds, connecting:

           YOU                     YOURSELF

         YOU                     OTHERS   

              YOU                     WORLD        




鳥 居


In Japanese culture, the torii is a portal found at the entrance of Shinto shrines and Buddhist Temples. It marks the border between the material and the spiritual world. It divides two universes, but it also unites them. The torii is also a bridge.

TORII - Creative Writing believes in creative writing as a gateway that connects people. To themselves, to their peers, to the world around them. We believe that writing workshops are powerful moments self-understanding and empathy.





The word torii (鳥居) also means (literally) "home of the birds".

TORII - Creative Writing believes in the freedom to be yourself. We see creative writing as a way to let imagination take off and explore inner lands.


The torii is one of the main symbols of Japan, a country that has a strong link with this initiative. It is one of ancestor countries of Ivan Nisida, Founder of TORII - Creative Writing, along with Switzerland, the Czech Republic and, of course, Brazil.

In addition, it was in Japan that this project was sown and germinated. In 2019, Ivan made his first visit to the Far East. During 32 days, he traveled from North to South. In 9 May 2019, he discovered the small village of Fukuhara, homeland of his great-grandparents, who left the area in the 40's. It was also there where he met his last relative in the region.

In 2020, came Chapter 2. Ivan returned to Japan as a member of the Brazilian delegation of SWY 32 (Ship for World Youth 32), a Japanese government's exchange program. It was during this journey that he launched himself in his first workshop. Since then, he never stopped.

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