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TORII maintains permanent creative writing groups. They represent the heart of our work today. These groups are composed of up to 7 people. We have the group of psychoanalyst colleagues, the group of friends from college and/or work, and the groups that were once made of anonymous writers who met in punctual TORII workshops, and who are together until today.

Grupos TORII 1.jpg
Grupos TORII 2.png
Grupos TORII 6.png
Grupos TORII 3.png
Grupos TORII 4.png
Grupos TORII 5.png

What do they all have in common?


They all practice creative writing as a tool for human connection, seeking self-knowledge, their inner creative powers and community building.


The TORII Groups  gather virtually once or twice a month to write together. Most of them have already completed a year of existence, which confirms the power of writing to strengthen human connections.

What about you, do you feel like joining our groups?

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