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"I loved the creative writing experience. I loved being virtual and being connected with people I didn't know. It was welcoming to meet new people, people from other places. My overall assessment was gratitude for the initiative, generosity and creativity for minimizing loneliness on a Sunday of isolation. I felt very important to be heard. "

Adriana, Chef, Sao Paulo

"The creative workshop allowed me to put into words what I was feeling, to release my emotions that I was keeping inside of me. It gave me a space where I was able to write without control or censor my thoughts, which has allowed me to listen, connect and understand myself. I found a new way to express, not only with myself but also with the world around, that I wasn’t suspecting. "


Anitha, Agronomist, Paris

"I enjoyed the first experience so much that we decided to create a permanent writing group, led by Ivan. Through his sensitive look at life and people, meetings are always rich and meaningful. The choice of exercises is made with dedication and the sessions flow very naturally, creating a warm and fertile environment. I recommend it with my heart."


Tatiana, Psychoanalyst, São Paulo

"The writing workshop revealed itself as a pleasant surprise. I have known Ivan for quite some time and, in reality, it could not be any different, since the workshop is conducted by someone with a great sensitivity, derived essentially from an emotional intelligence, based on multifactorial, synesthetic, imagery experiences and, therefore, poetic ones. The creative writing workshop has the merit of promoting a meeting with the most intimate part of ourselves and also bringing alterity through meetings with third parties. In the end, it becomes clear that the intersection of ideas and the harmonious friction resulting from this congregation of words generate a great beauty. So I recommend the workshop because it has the playfulness of a good dynamic or, if you prefer, of a pleasant play, the lightness and light of a beautiful morning chronicle and the therapeutic effects of a profound and efficient analysis made in the shadows that only we know."

Gabriel, Economist, São Paulo

"Having the first contact with creative writing was a great discovery. I see it as a great opportunity to democratize writing, and also to stimulate creativity. Taking into account the multiplicity of applications of the technique, I will certainly use it as a pedagogical tool in the classroom. "


Igor, Philosophy Professor, Brasília

"I am completely in love with the way Ivan conducted our creative writing meetings. There is a mix of sweetness, challenges, overcoming, comfort, discomfort, discoveries, learnings and many laughs. Every Wednesday you enter a magic portal that takes me to musical and highly creative places! Do I recommend it? Of course, no doubt about it!"

Cristina, Psychoanalyst, São Paulo

"It is not about writing. At the same time, it is pure writing. It is about connecting with yourself, connecting with the other and reaching the world. As TORII workshops revived sleeping parts of me, they took me through that a path that was never unknown, but it is totally new. They culminated in an experimental idea: 'I had to find myself for us to find each other.'"

Thais Yumi Kato, Origamist, São Paulo

"To flow. That is the powerful mission that this workshop invites us to experience in a light and welcoming environment. It provokes the boiling of feelings and awakens our (many times unknown) sensitivity to the act of writing. No strings. No patterns. Just the search for the connection with ourselves and the world."

Naiara, Lawyer, Brasília

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