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Nemographies are "memory writings".


They are texts about events in our lives, told in a sensitive and poetic way.

At TORII, nemography is a tradition.

Each week, we write about memories from our lives and the people we write with.

We discover new meanings, we sprinkle each other’s stories with poetry

and we seek beauty in the journey.

A gift for a lifetime.

Shall we write yours?



"This nemography was the best gift I've ever given in my life. It was gone, before seeing the result and now seeing my best friend through Ivan's words, which I like and admire so much, I don't even know what the next gifts will be. I wanted to give one of these to everyone I care about.


Ivan listened to me, listened to Flávia and as he opens up to all of us who are part of TORII, he opened a portal for her. It was beautiful to see her excitement after her meeting with Ivan. I haven't heard so much hope and confidence in her voice in a while."

Marina Duarte, who offered nemography to her friend Flávia Tironi

"At the beginning of the conversation with Ivan, I didn't take it seriously, I confess, as that session would make me turn several keys within myself. In relation to writing and everything that is part of my process as a Writer and a person. However, the reflections of this Chat messages have been showing signs since we ended our video call. For example, today, when I took my son to get a haircut:

— I was looking at your Instagram, Flávia, you’re a writer, right? asked the Barber. — Yes! — I replied self-confidently and with a smile on my lips."

Flavia Tironi

"TORII was one of the best surprises I had at the end of 2023. I never imagined feeling feelings so different from what I'm used to in my everyday life, it was like traveling! A unique experience and full of learning! I'm very grateful to my great friend who He sent me this beautiful gift, I had no idea that creative writing would be so interesting and rich. It really is something that I will carry with me for life."

Lígia Morais

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