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TORII's mentorship


The focus of the mentorship is to find/strengthen your voice through writing.

To achieve this, we work on self-awareness and your creative potential.

It's an individual and personalized process, tailored to your context and project.

The mentorship can support you, for example, in conceptualizing a book, improving your communication in personal and professional life, or in finding your purpose.

After all, writing is a powerful tool. It generates well-being and empowerment.


We aim to answer 3 fundamental questions:

Who am I?

What drives me?

What to do with these discoveries?


How do we do this?

(1) Creative writing exercises

(2) Reflective dialogues

(3) Content curation


Each session lasts 50 minutes to 1 hour.


We take care of the preparation, facilitation, and detailed follow-up of each session.

We apply knowledge gained from over 780 creative writing workshops, as well as insights from works such as:

The Artist's Way and The Right to Write by Julia Cameron

Como se encontrar na escrita by Ana Holanda

The Grammar of Fantasy by Gianni Rodari

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Secret History of Creativity by Kevin Ashton

Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon


Are you interested?


Then send us an email!


“The TORII individual workshop has been for me a place where I take care of myself, where I look at myself, where I find expression with maximum freedom. And this place exists and is possible because it is addressed in a sacred way - the way that everything that exists should be treated. Because of that, and after a few workshops, I already felt a difference on how I look at myself and the world.”

Thais Palinkas, Architect, Campinas

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